Design and Art in Atlanta- a truly blessed experience

This was another post i wrote in 2014 when i was living out in the US for work. It was the southern part of the US state of Georgia- a lovely place called Atlanta. 

As you may know as a lover of art and design, i could not resist checking out some design and art places when in a new place. These 2 exciting places include: MODA – Museum of Art and Design and also High Museum of Art. These are both situated across the road from each other in the midtown area of Atlanta.

High Museum of Art had a really fun installation in their outside area. These bright red metal home like frames with hammocks strapped across them. It was a great way to chill in the sun and rest. Even before entering, i was feeling energised about what was to come.
IMG_6840       IMG_6841

It was very privileged to see the Dream Cars. I LOVE cars and so to see all these old vintage cars was super exciting. And as it was so unplanned that i would be in ATL that weekend, i almost feel it was another gift from God. Look at these amazing cars…

thumb_IMG_6948_1024   thumb_IMG_6942_1024 thumb_IMG_6941_1024   thumb_IMG_6939_1024 thumb_IMG_6930_1024        thumb_IMG_6923_1024 thumb_IMG_6924_1024    thumb_IMG_6925_1024 thumb_IMG_6929_1024

MODA was another great place to explore. When i went into the venue, i saw lots of under 10s waiting to attend a class and it was a 3D printing class. I was drawn to the class. Look at the fun pieces of creation were made by these kids.

IMG_6830      IMG_6829

I am a great believer in building for our current society – building to support our society and ensuring sustainability. I am often fascinated by how designers are so considerate of landscape and humanity. It is so beautiful to see this Design for Social Impact exhibition. Look at these well considered designs to support the changing landscape.







IMG_6828           IMG_6826

No matter how technological advanced we may be, these amazing visual aids cannot be replaced with technology. The interaction with the exhibition, with other visitors and if you are lucky, the curators is the added bonus when we visit these places. If you are ever in Atlanta, go and check it out!